About Us

Our Story

Growing up in the wilds of the Antrim Glens and summering in the hills of Donegal I knew from a young age that Ireland was a special place. A place filled with history, song and legend, a place filled with culture and heritage.

I was lucky to share a hearth with storytellers, musicians and local historians. As I grew up I listened intently to voice and verse of a generation that went before and knew even then that it was my place to pass on the stories of our ancestors.

Ireland is a nation of storytellers, songwriters and folklorists. In Nine Glens Adventure tours we have combined all three together to give the very best of Ireland on our guided tours.

From feasting to foraging, hiking to hillwalking,and history to heritage our range of guides will take you on a journey through Irish custom and craic.

The Company

What started off in late 2015 as a small project to bring out the local stories of the Somme and Easter rising, two pivotal events in Irish history soon became much bigger. More people were coming to hear our stories and the decision was taking then to form “Nine Glens Walking Tours”, not only to tell these contentious stories but to tell our stories, the stories of our people.

Our founder and principle tour guide Kevin has won numerous awards for services to local history. He is recognised as one of the foremost authorities on local history in the Glens of Antrim.

Nine Glens Walking Tours since formation has delivered 100’s of tours to schools, corporate bodies, community groups and has appeared on both radio and television. Most recently the popular Country file and Mahon’s way.

While we offer walking tours throughout the Causeway Coast and Glens 90% of our business is located on the beautiful Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland’s only inhabited Island.

With the Covid pandemic we decided to expand our offerings and brought in Rathlin’s resident forager and seaweed expert Ksenia Zywczuk.

Ksenia started off as the lead guide in our seaweed based foraging tours and delivers biweekly foraging tours on the Rathlin Shoreline.

From them early days of 2015, to early 2022 we have expanded and grown our offerings to include walking, foraging and paddleboarding and feel it is now time to rebrand to something that explains fully what it is we do.

In March of 2022 Nine Glens Walking Tours formally became known as Nine Glen Adventure Tours.

While the name has changed, the ethos remains the same, local guides, local stories and a great big local welcome to our shoreline.